The Education Fund's mission is to support the students, faculty, staff, and programs at North Seattle College. Faculty and staff benefit from our work through the following program support, grant, and award programs:

Academic Pathway Support

In addition to providing scholarship support for students, the Education Fund also holds accounts for Program/Pathway Support.

The dollars in these accounts are designated by donors to the Education Fund to support specific college programs, pathways, or departments, and provide for professional development, equipment purchases, special projects, and other program excellence initiatives.

The Education Fund provides mini grants to all faculty, classified staff, and exempt staff of North Seattle College through a competitive, quarterly process. Mini grants can be used for new projects, to purchase equipment, or for professional development.

Individual awards are issued for up to $1,000 each, with a maximum of $5,000 distributed each academic quarter.

In partnership with the Office of Instruction, the Education Fund operates an endowment designated for Professional Development for Faculty at North Seattle College. Awards are issued for up to $1,000 per faculty member, per academic year.

Non-faculty NSC employees who are interested in professional development funding should apply for the Employee Mini Grants.

Distinguished Faculty Awards are given to Seattle Colleges faculty to recognize outstanding teaching and innovation.

The Education Fund currently operates three such awards: The Dan Evans Chair for Exceptional Faculty, the Dan Evans Innovation Award, and the Charles Kane Award for Innovation.