Distinguished Faculty Awards

Distinguished Faculty Awards are given to Seattle Colleges faculty to recognize outstanding teaching and innovation.

The awards were created in honor of former Washington state Governor Daniel J. Evans, who championed and signed into law the Community College Act of 1967, and Dr. Charles Kane, the former Seattle Colleges Chancellor who led the district from 1992 to 1998. Seed funding for the awards was provided through the district-wide major gifts campaign, "Building the Best." Each college development office has contributed funds to endowments that have been matched by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

All faculty who have worked at the Seattle Colleges for at least three quarters in the past two academic years are eligible for these awards. In addition, applicants must have worked for at least one quarter at the college making the award. The awardee must be employed by the Seattle Colleges at the time the award is used.

The nomination period for the 2017-18 academic year will open in January 2018. Awards will be announced at the annual year-end award ceremony in May 2018. Awards criteria will be consistent among the three Seattle Colleges. No award will be made if applicants are not qualified. Nomination forms for the awards are available though the individual links below.




The Dan Evans Chair For Exceptional Faculty

This award was established to recognize outstanding teaching and exemplary service at the Seattle Colleges. One $3,000 Chair is awarded annually from each of the three colleges. Applicants must submit a personal narrative along with recommendation letters from one student and one colleague.




The Dan Evans Innovation Award

This award established to recognize an innovative project or class that improved learning at the Seattle Colleges. One $1,500 award is made each year at each campus. Individual Dan Evans Awards are based on completed innovated projects that clearly demonstrate measurable outcomes involving classroom, curriculum, or the community.




The Charles Kane Award for Innovation

This award was established to support the development of innovative projects or classes to improve learning at the Seattle Colleges. One $2,000 Kane award is made each year within the district and rotates between North, Central, and South. Awardees are selected based on demonstrated demand for special projects or classes not currently available to students.



Previous Recipients

Dan Evans Chair for Exceptional Faculty

2017: Bob Bunge

2016: Paul Kurose

2012: Betsy Campbell & Dani Blackman

2008: Dawnson Nichols

2005: Kuldeep Nagi & Suzanne Schlador

2002: Frank Enfinger

2001: Greg Shiosaki

2000: Marilyn Smith-Layton

Dan Evans Innovation Award

2017: Tracy Furutani

2016: Kelda Martensen

2012: Jenny Mao

2009: Ann Murkowski & Kalyn Owens

2005: Nancy Adelson

2002: Marilyn Smith-Layton

2001: Tim Fiegenbaum

Charles Kane Award for Innovation

2012: Betty Williams

2009: Omara Abe & Thomas Cook

2005: Ann Murkowski & Kalyn Owens

2000: Jane Lister Reis & Carol Hamilton