Academic Pathway Support Funds

Providing Support for Program Excellence

In addition to providing scholarship support for students, the Education Fund also holds accounts for Program/Pathway Support. The dollars in these accounts are designated by donors to the Education Fund to support specific college programs, pathways, or departments, and provide for professional development, equipment purchases, special projects, and other program excellence initiatives. Funds are used at the discretion of the division or department Dean or Director and/or the area Vice President, in accordance with donor intent.

accessing support funds

If you are a North Seattle College employee and would like to access support funds for your program, pathway, or department, please read the Procedure for Accessing Funds (PDF) and check with your Dean or Director prior to making any expenditure which may require a request for funds.

Contributions to support program excellence

If you would like to support a specific program, pathway, or department, please visit our Ways to Give page to find out how to make your gift.

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